The Young Sprouts Club, a free kids club in Missouri City



 · When the kids are bored, there's nothing better to get them motivated than a project that comes with a built-in reward. 

· Our Young Sprouts Club is a free kids club and designed to help little minds think big by inspiring kids to run their own little business. This is suitable for a single child or several together. 

· Being amongst our market vendors will also help them to understand the benefits of eating fresh, healthy ingredients and the importance of supporting local farms all the while introducing them to seasonal produce and perhaps even some produce, which they are not familiar with. 

· By running their own little business they will learn how to interact better with adults and other children. If you are looking for a free kids club in Missouri City, or free kids club in Sugar Land, you will love our Young Sprouts Club.

Lemonade Stand/Veggie Valet


  · Veggie Valet is designed so market patrons can leave their purchased items at the Lemonade Stand whilst they continue to shop and enjoy the food trucks. They will be required to pick their bags up prior to leaving the market when heading back to their vehicle. There is NO heavy lifting involved for children and we will display a sign encouraging veggie valet tips. 

· Farmers Market Partners will provide everything associated with the Lemonade Stand with the exception of lemonade/dispenser/cooler/cups and seating for child & parent. Everything they earn, they get to keep. If you have a child that’s saving for something special we can place a sign in a frame promoting what he/she is working towards.  

* Please note adult supervision is required at all times.

What else do I need to know?


 The Lemonade Stand will be available on your market day at the market. We will set everything up for you and the kids can put the finishing touches with pricing signage etc.  There will always be a market volunteer on site should you require assistance..  

· Each child will receive a Young Sprouts Club certificate. With parental approval we would like to feature them on our website under this tab with a photo which will be take on the day they run their business. This is a wonderful activity for kids between the age of 5 - 12  and there is no long-term commitment. 

March Young Sprouts


I'm a "Young Sprouts" Mum and I was extremely excited upon learning about the lemonade stand opportunity because Kenadi and Samantha have both talked about putting one on before and earning money. Kenadi wants to be an entrepreneur when she grows up too. I thought it was perfect!

I think they learned that hard work does pay off, and teamwork is very important. Different people bring different skill sets, and if you can work together well you can be successful. Also, they learned that there is some trial and error involved in running a business because they didn’t sell a lot of baked goods, but the lemonade sold very well. 

- Judy, "Young Sprouts" Mum

April Young Sprouts


Ava and Sarah were so happy to be a part of the "Young Sprouts Club" and participate in the Lemonade Stand. 

I was excited to learn about this opportunity for the girls because it is very important to teach them young about becoming entrepreneurs and managing their money. 

The girls each had different ideas on what to do with them money raised. Sarah is going shopping. Ava is saving it for our family vacation this summer. Thanks for the opportunity!

 - Liz, "Young Sprouts" Mum

May Young Sprouts


Our May Sprouts worked the stand so incredibly well. Polite and courteous to all market patrons.

Their Lemonade was delicious as were the baked goods prepared by the Sprouts Mum.

Come back and visit us anytime at the market we thoroughly enjoyed having you as part of our Young Sprouts Club and welcome you back anytime!

May Young Sprouts


Our Young Sprout of the day was Carter and he truely showed us all what it means to be a young entrepreneur with big ambitions. 

Carter arrived with signage in hand and set up his stand calling it "Carter's lemonade..and More". He employed 5 of his friends and together they served the crowd and kept selling more and more as the day progressed. 

Well done Carter you really raised the bar on our Young Sprouts Club!

June Young Sprouts


The kids had a great time working at the farmers market today. They learned to stay focused on their customers. They learned to speak clearly and communicate effectively with their customers. It was a great opportunity to reinforce the idea of working hard to earn your money. I’d definitely recommend the Young Sprouts club. They already asked when they could do it again! 

- Courtney, "Young Sprouts" Mum

June Young Sprouts


These two brothers were nothing short of adorable. They were up at 6am helping mum to prepare everything they wanted to sell at the Young Sprouts Club Lemonade Stand. 

They did so incredibly well and sold over 40 Gallons of Lemonade together with  baked cookies....they were proud to be placing a  SOLD OUT sign on their stand. Well done and come back soon to visit us!

July Young Sprouts


Audrey & Sterling were two of our Young Sprouts for July. This brother and sister team were nothing short of dynamic. 

They arrived with their set target for the day, worked the crowd and even managed to get a photo op in with the Missouri City Mayor. 

Great team work, come back and visit us soon.

July Young Sprouts


If these little cuties look familiar we are not surprised. Mia and Taylor are the grandchildren of Thomasine & George Johnson and have been spotted at our Farmers Market several times. 

Mia & Taylor took everything they learnt from watching Carter Rose our Young Sprout from May and managed to woo the crowd so much with their cuteness, they sold out in no time and now hold the record for most revenue earned from selling Lemonade and baked treats via our Young Sprouts Club…now that’s what we call success!

August Young Sprouts


Elizabeth and Michael were extremely successful Young Sprouts for our 4 August market day. They arrived early with delicious sweet lemonade and bagged popcorn, together with their home project sign in hand. A solid marketing plan and targets were implemented, allowing them to walk away with exceeding their revenue targets. We give them both a high five for the effort they put into running their little business for the day. 

August Young Sprouts


This sister team, Taylor and Hannah were amazing on 18 August. If you recognize Taylor, it because she has participated in our ‘School to Market Program’, an extension of the Young Sprouts Club.

These adorable girls each had their tasks planned out, their marketing signage was amazing and the packaging used for the cookies was most impressive. They had such a great time, reached their targets and have requested to come back again on another day. They are two entrepreneurs and we welcome them back anytime!

September Young Sprouts


Another success story for our September Young Sprout who sold out of all items. 

Arriving with an action plan in hand..... and it worked! 

Smiles all round from both the Young Sprout and market patrons. These Young Sprouts really know what it takes to earn a dollar. We give them all a high five for their efforts and look forward to seeing them back at the market again.

October Young Sprouts


What's there not to love about these FOUR Young Sprouts who worked the crowd. They sold out of Lemonade four times over together with all their baked goods. 

They were amazing to watch in action and work as a team. Job well done Young Sprouts, you earned every single dollar! Come back soon and visit us at the market.

November Young Sprouts

November Young Sprouts

December Young Sprouts

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