Welcome, OUR next Missouri City market day is Saturday Oct 20th,  9am-1pm.

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The Farmers Market Partners app is designed to assist Farmers, Artisan Food Vendors and all Farmers Markets across Texas to continue to thrive. It's free to be listed, simply click on the button below to submit your details.

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Download the Farmers Market Partners App today and pre-order from your favorite vendor before you even leave the house.

Interactive Map & Vendor List: Simply click here to see full details of our vendors, where they are located and day they are attending. 

Product Search: Looking for strawberries, cheese or wine? You can find a product, when they'll be available and which vendors are selling them, click here. 

There’s a move in the United States towards a more seasonal style of eating where one eats what is locally available in season. Some nutritionists and scientists suggest eating seasonally available foods is better for your body, because humans ate seasonal produce for thousands of years before refrigerated shipping changed all that. Still, eating produce in season only makes sense. Lighter fruits and vegetables are available seasonally in the spring and summer, while heartier winter vegetables like squash and parsnips provide sustenance for the autumn and winter. 

Meet the farmers who grow your food.

Dog Culture: Even though we love your pets our rules and regulations do not allow us to have them entering the market. This is to ensure the health and safety of all market patrons.

Earn school credits for community volunteering


Farmers Market Partners is a fun and inviting place, and it’s a great way to get to know our vendors and other members of the community. 

If you are an active community member or a student and your school has a program to gain credit for community volunteering, please consider the market as an ideal place to be helpful, gain credit and have a good time!

Open on the first & third Saturday of the month between 9am–1pm, we need volunteers before, during and after market. Tasks include set up, supervising children’s activities, assisting the market staff during the market, greeting and helping customers, and closing down at the end of market.  Volunteers may work as many hours as they wish ensuring to help the market run smoothly. 

Market Highlights

Farmers Market Partners App

No time to stroll the market? We've got you covered, now at Farmers Market Partners you can order from your favorite vendors and choose free curbside pick up as an option.

At Farmers Market Partners, we want to challenge the idea that quality products are accessible only to a select few. Good eating and fresh organic produce are not limited to connoisseurs; it is an agricultural act we all have the right to enjoy. We believe that we’re in this together: when you demand quality products, you support the local farmers, artisan food vendors, bakers, and cheesemakers who produce them and create a better environment — for eating and beyond. 

Thank you to our Super Partners